Clever Manka and the Story of an Hour

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Dina Ali

Victors and Victims

“The Story of an Hour” is an English short story written by Kate Chopin. Chopin was widely recognized as one of the leading writers of her time and she is now considered by some to have forerunner of feminist authors of the 20th century. The second short story entitled “Clever Manka” which is written in Czechoslovakian language and translated in to English. Although it is anonymous, “Clever Manka” is a very important short story and the fact that it remains indicates that it has affected many people at different times.

The both short stories have two completely different structures. The writer of “Clever Manka” used the expository method as the events starts from the very beginning, when the situation was stable and he introduces the characters, and then going up in the events. Opposite to “The story of an Hour”, it begins in the middle of the events. Then we have flash-back technique through which we know of all the events that happen before.

“Clever Manka” and “The Story of an Hour” are alike in that they both have women as protagonist and they both involve a husband and a wife. They show how marriage could be the end of a women life or a beginning. Also, they show how women differently deal with life. The great difference is due to the different time and culture. “Clever Manka” which in Czechoslovakian culture proves women at that time were highly considered, appreciated, have rights. While, in “The Story of an Hour” shows how women were deprived, denied, devoiced, they weren’t offered a lot of opportunities such as men and they didn’t inherit money as all the money they get goes to either their husbands or any male member in the family.

“The Story of an Hour” shows that marriage at that time was based on monetary comfort and social status. That leads to unhappy marriage and miserable life to the...
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