Cleveland Clinic Case Study

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The Cleveland Clinic succeeded because of one simple word: cooperation. Its founders believed that cooperation between everyone administrating care would lead to more efficient better quality care. In addition to cooperation, the Clinic used other business practices which are similar to practices used by other successful companies. The variety of ideas, and the strength of the Clinic’s cooperation idea, helped it recover from early setbacks to become one of the top two medical centers in the United States.
“All for one and one for all” is the phrase the Cleveland Clinic adopted early in its history to reflect George Crile’s commitment to cooperative care, which he felt was the best way to treat patients. Crile learned serving in hospitals...

He would throw company picnics, pay the highest wages, and give the best benefits which lead employees to reject unionization multiple times. The Clinic also treated its employees well since its early years, with company picnics, high salaries, and opportunities to blow off steam. During that time period, the Clinic adopted the phrase “All for one and one for all” in reference to the importance of each individual employee. When the Clinic was founded, no clinic paid its doctors; however, the Clinic decided the best way to maximize the doctors’ talents would be to pay them salary. That way they would not have to worry about their own practice and they would have another reason to perform well, in addition to a desire to heal. The Clinic’s early company picnics became known for being a festive time. Employees would make fun of their bosses, who would laugh along with other employees. Morale at the clinic was one of the highest of any hospitals, which led to it providing the best care. Basically everyone, including doctors, works harder and does better at their job if they enjoy their work. Because the Clinic made employees feel both happy and important, the employees made the Clinic one of the best...

Other strategies the hospital uses, including innovation, high employee morale, mass expansion, and exploring new markets, also guided it to success. These other strategies are similar to strategies used by successful entrepreneurs John Rockefeller, Fred Crawford, Meg Whitman and Peter...
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