Cleopatra: A Hellenistic Ruler of Egypt

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5 points to write about

- Her role as a ruler and what she achieved
- Ability to keep her legend alive
- Influence on the Roman Empire
- Role in the Octavian’s struggle for power
- Her significance as a symbol

Cleopatra was a Hellenistic ruler of Egypt and succeeded in shaping the Ancient world. She ruled Egypt in the 1st Century BC and was the last Queen to do so. She is undoubtedly one of the most famous persons of her time and there is a huge amount of evidence to support how she has shaped the Ancient world. In her lifetime Cleopatra was able to achieve a lot more then what was expected of her as she was a female ruler in a time when men dominated and shaped the Ancient world as ruler of Egypt. Cleopatra had a heavy influence on the Roman Empire and played a crucial part in the power struggle of the Octavian’s. However Cleopatra’s significants extends beyond the grave, she was able to achieve what she had always wanted: to keep her legend alive and form a symbol of female sexuality and power.

In her lifetime Cleopatra was able to accomplish many great things as ruler of Egypt . As she was a female ruler she was not well accepted by most as she lived in a period where men where superior to females. At the time Cleopatra was ruling there was a growing interest in the Egyptian empire as both Roman and Egyptian forces where fighting for its ownership. Cleopatra was able to keep the political structure of the empire together and ensured the Ptolemaic dynasty continued, however her death lead to the downfall of the Egyptian Empire as the Roman rule of Caesar Augustus’s began. Cleopatra was significant to the Ancient world as she was able to use her sexuality, persuasiveness and seductive...
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