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When Cleopatra was just 17 years old she became Pharaoh alongside her brother Ptolemy XIII, he was just 10 at the time. Because Cleopatra was significantly older than her brother, she was the main ruler in Egypt. Eventually through civil war, they became enemies and Cleopatra was forced to flee Egypt to Syria. There she created an army to defeat her brother, and take back the crown. At the same time as this civil war was growing between siblings, Julius Caesar was having his own war against Pompey, who fled to Egypt to seek refuge and aid from the young King, Ptolemy. Caesar followed Pompey into Egypt, where he was presented with the head of Ptolemy, as a gift from the King. His presence in Egypt created a temporary time of peace between Cleopatra and Ptolemy.

Here, Caesar met Cleopatra and fell in love. Stories of then 21 year old Cleopatra’s infamous seduction of the 52 year old have been portrayed in several movies since then- including the 1963 movie, Cleopatra,that was one of the top grossing movies of the year. Subsequently it was also one of the biggest failures of that year as well, with revenues of $26 million and production costs of $44 million. Some anthropologists think that the couple came together because of a mutual benefit for each other. This super couple made Caesar more famous and wealthy, and gave Cleopatra the military power strong enough to dethrone her brother. Her brother drowned in the Nile while fleeing from Cleopatra’s army.

A year or 2 later she gave birth to Caesars child which she named Caesarian; meaning, “Little Caesar”. After Caesar was murdered a few years later, Cleopatra returned to Egypt. While in Egypt, Mark Antony called for Cleopatra and upon meeting her, fell in love. This started the second greatest love affair in Cleopatra’s life, although thanks to Shakespeare, is her most famous. Together they had three children together. It is speculated that their relationship was also for mutual benefit....
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