Clearing House Arrangement

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Firstly, this internship report is dedicated to my parents who have shown me the light of this earth and brought me up with their utmost care, love and rule in sorrows and happiness. Secondly, I dedicate this report to Dr.A.R. Khan who is a versatile genius and the parents of our Banking Department in the Faculty of Business Studies, University of Dhaka

My report will remain incomplete if I do not mention the efforts of those people who helped me in completing this work. First of all, I will thank to Almighty God who has given me strength and kept me well to complete this report in time. I also thank to my department of Banking of Dhaka University that has given me the opportunity to work in such a prestigious organization which is well known in the country. I am also thankful mostly to the following people. 1.Md.Shahnoor Chowdhury (Principal Officer of SEBL)

2.Mr.Hasan Ahmed Bhuiyan (Junior officer Of SEBL)
3.Md. Monirul Islam (Probationary Office of SEBL)
4.Mr. Ashok Kumar Karmaker (Deputy Director of BB, Offsite supervision) 5.Mr. Ujjwal Kumar Das(Deputy Director of BB, Currency mgt.& payment system ) 6.Mr. Himadri Shekhar Sarder(Deputy Director of BB, Currency mgt.& payment system (IT ) 7.Md. Mostakur Rahman(Deputy Director of BB, Foreign loan and grant section) 8.Md. Ashiquer Rahman (Deputy Director of BB, Forex Reserve & Treasury Mgt.)

Besides, I am especially indebted to Prof. Dr. A. R Khan (Founder Chairman of Banking department, University of Dhaka) for his utmost care, guidance and love for making a complete report. I am really thankful for his co-operation during the internship. At last, I would like to thank all those persons not mentioned above who helped me directly or indirectly in completing this report.

Dulal Chandra Pattak

Letter of Transmittal
August 10, 2011

Professor Dr. A.R. Khan
Founder Chairman
Department of Banking
Faculty of Business Studies
University of Dhaka

Subject: Submission of the Internship Report on “Clearing House Arrangements of SEBL and Asian Clearing Union”. Dear Sir,

With suitable respect I would like convey to your knowledge that as per our BBA Program I have prepared my internship report under the topic of “Clearing House Arrangements of SEBL and Asian Clearing Union” under your kind supervision. Now, I like to submit my report to you. I have tried my best to prepare the report in consistence with the optimal standard under your valuable direction. With great pleasure, I would like to express my profound gratitude to you for rendering me your expertise knowledge and giving the opportunity to gather knowledge through making the report. I tried with my best effort during preparing the report. However, I shall not claim that this report is flawless and very exclusive one. I hope that you will consider any mistake with your gracious judgment.

Your kind consideration and valued assessment would be the inspiration for me.

Sincerely yours,
Dulal Chandra Pattak

Reporter’s Declaration

I hereby solemnly declare that the work presented in the internship report has been earned out by me and has not been previously submitted to any other educational Institute of organization for an academic qualification, certificate, diploma or any other degree. The work I have presented does not breach any existing copyright and no portion of this report is copied from any work dine otherwise for degree or otherwise. I further undertake to indemnify the department against any loss or damage arising from breach of the forgoing obligations, if any.

Signed by
Dulal Chandra Pattak
BBA 13th, ID-13-057
Dept. of Banking
Faculty of Business Studies
University of Dhaka

Supervisor’s Certificate

This is to certify that, the...
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