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What I can do better than most people.

Something I can do much better than most people is clean. I love to clean and organize; I have been this way since I was little. I clean my house from top to bottom every single day. I use to work for a cleaning company and ever since they showed me the right way to clean a house I never used a different way again, like never using a mop. I never use a mop I get down on my hands and knees and clean them. Now I own my own cleaning business. Some people clean different, there are many different cleaning supplies and techniques you can use while cleaning a house. Most homes supply their own cleaning products because the homeowner prefers the smells, the quality, or some people are just allergic to certain cleaners. Cleaning is hard work but I love it and love what I do.

Working for a cleaning company I leaned everything I needed to know about cleaning they tough me lots of tricks that make things go easier and smoother while cleaning a house. Like never using a mop because it carries tons of bacteria and does not get to some spots. Cleaning hardwood and tile floors on your hands and knees with a towel is a lot more efficient. You can put the towel in the washer after so it’s not re wiping bacteria and dirt back on the floor like a mop does. Also cleaning on your hands and knees you can get to spots a mop cant.

There are all kids of different techniques, cleaning supplies and tricks to use while cleaning a house. While cleaning different houses you come across different messes in which some cleaners do not work on. Some cleaning supplies and trick I have learned over the years. Baking soda is good to scrub sinks, tubs, toilets, dishes and deodorize just about anything like freshens laundry. Vinegar is by far, one of the best items to keep in your home and it's not expensive like similar chemical products on the market. It works for cleaning on about everything. White vinegar I Mix it 50/50 with water to clean...
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