Cleaning Procedures

Topics: Coffee, Washing, Stations of the Cross Pages: 3 (990 words) Published: October 9, 2010

Morning Shift :
* Check on male and female bathrooms, make sure they are clean, if not report to housekeeping immediately. * Polish all the leftover cutleries and glasses from last night. * Check the back area especially room service area, make sure they are clean and tidy ( no dirty glasses, no leftover drinks, etc ) * Also, make sure the room service trolley linens are clean otherwise change them. * Make sure the sugar bowls are stocked in each table.

* Clean the register station areas both cafe and room service stations. * Clean the display fridge; make sure the linen under the cookies bowls is clean and tidy. * Make sure the register next to the bathroom is neat and tidy, no butter inside the cutleries station. * Always use fresh coffee bean every morning and make sure the coffee machine is clean and no leftover from last night also spigot need to be properly cleaned. * Always check if the detergent levels for dishwasher are full. * Follow the Special Daily Task of the Day.

Afternoon Shift :
* Make sure all the cutleries and coffee cups are ready to go and need to be properly cleaned, if not clean, send them back to kitchen hand. * Follow “Clean as you go” rule especially for the bar, it will be automatically easier for you. * Stock up everything in the bar before you go home including straws, sugar, coffee takeaway cups and lids, all the drinks inside the bar fridge. * Make sure all the stations are cleaned, tidy and ready to go as opening time. * All cutleries need to be polished, all the bins must be emptied. Night Shift :

* Clean the bar properly and make sure the morning people are ready to go without need to clean anything. * The bar needs to be perfectly wiped especially under the sugar and milk stations and glasses tray. * All the stations need to be tidy.

* No water jar and no blue clothes anywhere, they need to be washed....
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