Cleaning Methods

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Cleaning methods
For cleaning we must pay attention to the amount of needed water for each method. The important thing is that the more water we use the more work we need to do for taking water off from the floor. The correct chosen amount of water not only helps us in taking it off but also is economical and environment friendly due to not wasting water. After using water all water must be taken away from the surface by the help of Mops, cleaning cloths or suction machine. (Aaltonen et al. 1998, 49-56) Sweeping and brushing is one method for taking away brushes and dry and wet dirt. Sweeping is used for surfaces and brushing is for furniture. Remember that these two are used for collecting the dirt but not for removing them. Loose dirt can be taking away by vacuum cleaners as well. There is a method called Host method that in this case dirt is going to be loosen from textile surfaces with a machine brush and after that soaked up with a moist powder and then removed by vacuum cleaner. (Aaltonen et al. 1998, 49-56) Wiping is one of the most common method in cleaning and can be done by cleaning cloths mops or cleaning machine. When dirt is tacky we need a washing method by the help of cleaning agents. It must be rubbed and then rinsed for taking out the dirt and cleaning agents out. (Aaltonen et al. 1998, 49-56) As a summery for cleaning method we should follow this way that first identify the dirt and the surface and then choose the right amount of water that is vary from dry, damp, moist, wet and washing. Cleaning solution must be chosen if it is only water or cleaning agents. Scrubbing should be taken into consideration that is done by a manual tool or machine. Temperature is another factor that vary from cool and warm. Time is important whether it is a fast treatment or it is a soaking way. After all these things actual work must be done and we must know about work assessment to be done and finally feedback whether work has been done successfully for the chosen method or not. (Aaltonen et al. 1998, 49-56) We should take these into consideration about the amount of water for a wiping chosen method. If wiping method is done dry hence the final result will be shown dry. If it is damp wiping at the end it will not have drop stain and will dry immediately. If it is moist wiping it remains moist and can be left for becoming dry by itself. If it is wet wiping it needs to be dried as it will be wet at the end. (Aaltonen et al. 1998, 49-56) I.e. calcium deposit in a swimming pool surface needs acidic cleaning agents to be used by scrubbing or polishing the surface. We must use cool water in this case if acidic agent is evaporating acid and the process of cleaning must be done fast due to harm of acid to the seams between the tiles in the surface and after washing the surface it must be neutralised. Remember when we use strong acidic or alkaline cleaning agent due to the change of PH it must be come neutralised which can be done by applying alkaline agent on the cleaned surface done by strong acidic agents and vice versa. (Aaltonen et al. 1998, 49-56) Steam method is used for tacky or ingrained dirt. In this way there is no need of cleaning agents and finally the dirt is wiped or sucked out of the surface. Another thing regarding stain removing is that for stains they can be removed by wiping with the help of neutral or weak alkaline cleaning agents. Also its important to remember during wiping stain we must do wiping process from the age of the stain to the centre of the stain not vice versa. (Aaltonen et al. 1998, 49-56) Cleaning equipment

Cleaning cloths are one of cleaning equipment. They are used to carry cleaning agents and water, to loose dirt, to bind dirt and for carrying dirt. Cotton is one of the cleaning cloths and its strong, doesn’t become electrically charges, it absorbs easily water and dirt, difficult to be cleaned, when it’s wet it gets heavy, slowly dries, when its dirty and wet it can become mouldy and become...
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