Clean Water Supplies

Topics: Water supply, Plumbing, Desalination Pages: 2 (429 words) Published: January 20, 2014
a) QUESTION: Identify 5 mental models manifested by the actors in the video. ANSWER:
Since the supply of water is scarce, and the Amou River is filthy, the people believed that there’s no other choice but to suffer from infections or die a painful death. The installation of the technology in the community made the people believe that it will bring happiness and hope. But because of poor management, they end up furious and uncontended. The villagers believed that maintaining and fixing the water pump is not their responsibility, since the government gave it to them. Hence, when the pump broke down, they didn’t make an effort to fix it. They only waited for help. Men are responsible for committee meetings, talks and decision makings. There was no room for women until the pump issue rose. They started to take care of things since in their tradition; women are the ones in authority when it comes to water. The rivalry between men and women became a step to reach a goal of Development.

b) QUESTION: How will you apply systems thinking for the village of Ayole? ANSWER:
Systems influence one another within a whole. In the Documentary, it is a fact that the application of Systems thinking led one thing to another – good and bad. For example, when the water pump busted, the people were advised to buy materials needed for repair. Some tried to raise funds, but they didn’t have the heart and effort to succeed. They didn’t manage the money properly, and there were no committees responsible for the finance. No one stepped up, and the whole community end up with nothing. Another situation is when the villagers learned how to keep things steady. The people had a board who leads and make wise decisions. They started to find ways to earn money for the pump – a rivalry between men and women even began. They made efforts planting crops, raising plants and all. Because of the determination they showed, the whole village continued to work...
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