Clean Water Crisis

Topics: Water crisis, Plumbing, Desalination, Water resources / Pages: 3 (670 words) / Published: Apr 15th, 2010
Clean Water Crisis/Scarcity For decades, providing clean water to the masses has been a goal. Even with the “Millennium Declaration”, a goal proposed by the United Nations to provide clean water sources to everyone in the world by 2020, many people will go without clean water supplies. Can you imagine living in a region where there are struggles to get a glass of clean water. It seems so distant to us living in modern industrialized America, yet this concept is completely taken for granted in everyday life. We simply forget the means as to how we have gotten this necessity of life delivered to our kitchen sink. This is nonetheless relevant in today’s world. Unless you are one of the unfortunate countries or regions in which there is limited supplies of water and the water that is present is stagnant or so contaminated with bacteria and other minerals that it literally makes you sick from dysentery by simply drinking one glass. Letsfirst look at the public water supply in area's with scarce resources. With a population of well over 120 million people less than 30% of Nigeria has access to safe drinking water(Nigeria). Ingestion of unsafe drinking water can result in spreadable disease. In fact, in India, 21% of all spreadable disease is due to a lack of safe water, and diarrhea alone causes more than 1,600 deaths daily(India). Worldwide 1 out of every 4 deaths under the age of 5 is due to a water-related disease (water). The niger river which once flowed freely though Africa has been being used to produce hydro-electric power out of the Akosombodam. According to BBC news, Nigeria is dependent on this river and the river is now facing environmental catastrophe as a result of pollution". The United States is affected much less than other parts of the world at this time. Although if we do not change something soon we may end up like some of the worlds less fortunate counties. California has been in a drought since 2006. Our own Lexington reservoir is down

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