Clean Energy/Green Earth

Topics: Wind power, Renewable energy, Energy development Pages: 2 (731 words) Published: December 13, 2012
“Clean Energy/Green Earth”
Clean Energy research has seen large increase in politics of the modern day world. The demand for safer and renewable energy sources has become a larger issue because of the now known effects it has on the environment. Some much so that we have seen it play a huge role even in the political circle and is a major topic of debate. Renewable Energy has been increasing with advancements in technology and the overbearing concern of using alternative energy as fossil fuels. Plus Global Warming has made the paybacks of Renewable Energy seem more attractive with each passing year. There are many types of Renewable Energy types, the three major forms of renewable energy are solar energy, wind energy and biomass energy (Bio Fuels). Each type of renewable energy has advantages and disadvantages which are specific to that type of alternative energy. For example Solar and Wind are intermittent in nature while Geothermal Energy has no such problems however Geothermal Energy suffers from a lack of good sites and takes a long time to become installed. Plus cost too is a major factor. Solar Power has been the fastest rising energy cause in the last few decades, showing a increasing annual development. More and more solar stations can be seen built all over the world by private practices, higher education institutes and governments’ alike. In 2010 alone, solar energy demand grew by almost 150% surprising the most optimistic projections as costs kept on declining for this renewable energy cradle. While Solar Power endures to be one of the most costly forms of energy, it is also the energy source where the costs are declining speedily. With solar costs going down each year over the next few years, expect solar energy to grow at a faster rate in the future. The next major renewable resource is wind power. Wind Power is the next biggest source of renewable energy after Nuclear and Hydro Energy (if you consider Nuclear/Hydro to be renewable energy that is)....
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