Clean Edge Razor Case Analysis AH2

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Avisek SarkarMahalasa KiniPrakhar AgarwalSoumya PunyamurthulaVinay Adithya S [Clean edge razor:splitting hairs in product positioning]
The company has already decided to introduce Clean Edge into the men's market where it has a strong presence. Jackson Randall, the product manager for Clean Edge, struggles with how best to position the product for the launch.It has two strategies in mind “niche” and “mainstream”. Randall must recommend an optimal strategy and provide supporting economic analysis of his decision--not just for Clean Edge, but for its effect on the entire company.

What changes are occurring in the nondisposable razor category? Assess Paramount's competitive position. Non disposable razors are experiencing more growth (5% per year) as compared to refill cartridges (2% per year). Twenty two new SKUs (stock keeping units) were introduced between 2008 and 2009 because of intense growth in this segment. The rate of new product introductions has increased rapidly in the recent years. Other than direct competitors non disposable razors are competing with electric shavers which are mostly used by maintenance shavers users, these electric razors do not give very close shave and are generally used by customers who are not bothered about close shave and want to finish shaving as quickly as possible. Also, other substitutes including depilatory creams, waxing and laser hair removal.Paramount’s corporate has different divisions including Health, cleaning, beauty and grooming. Currently Paramount is offering two types of non –disposable razors and refill cartridges- Paramount pro and Paramount avail former is in positioned in moderate segment and later is considered as value offering. With these two products, Paramount is a market-leader in razor segment. Two close competitors of Paramount are Benet & Klein and Prince. These brands have their products in super- premium segment also on the other hand paramount have only in moderate and value...
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