Clean and Green India

Topics: Recycling, Education, Pollution Pages: 2 (529 words) Published: October 9, 2011
Another World Environment Day has just gone past with environmentalists / politicians making some noises and esteemed newspapers / electronic media giving adequate cover in their main columns and, I think that was about all . World Environment day has become another ritual which has to be gone through without making any concrete decisions or actions to actually do something for the betterment of our environment .The green cover is depleting at an alarming rate and the big industrialists and the common man alike, are making all possible efforts to cause as much irreparable damage to the environment , as possible , with each passing year .

We , and our future generations deserve a neat and clean environment .Each one of has a role to play in saving / sustaining the environment .We got to make a start from our homes and work places and actually we can do a lot . All great environmentalists have come out of our own society . They were not of different species , only they thought and worked a bit differently or if I may add, they actually worked for the fulfillment of their dreams .What all can we actually do and are not doing?


Education is the sole solution to most of the problems which plague our nation . It is education or rather lack of it ,which is helping these problems to breed .Citizens , specially the youth got to be educated to work for the betterment of the environment we live in . Innovation has to be brought into the education system to arouse the interest of the students .Parents and Schools have to ensure that maintaining neat and clean environment / surroundings become second nature of the children.Seminars be organised to spread awareness .

Garbage Management

The garbage , right from our homes to the garbage bins in the streets , has to be properly managed . The mentality that, my home is clean why should I bother about the rest, has to be done away with .Citizens / citizen forums / societies / government services have to...
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