CLC Part 2 Assignment Rough Draft 2

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SPE-350 Case Study and Transition Plan Template

After completing the essay, the group will use the following case study provided to develop a transition plan that includes measurable post-secondary goals and aligned activities for employment, post-secondary education and training, and independent adult living. Case Study

Darren is a seventeen-year-old student. He is a junior at his local high school. Darren has a specific learning disability in reading. He attends the resource classroom for English classes. All other courses are in the general education setting with accommodations, modified grades (for some subjects), and push-in supports from the special education teacher at least 3 times per week for core courses requiring extensive reading and writing. He is currently decoding at the fifth grade reading level, but reading comprehension is at the third grade level. Fluency is at the fifth grade level. Darren also has difficulty with written expression, and needs graphic organizers and pre-writing activities to help him develop a thesis statement and organize his written work. His handwriting is difficult to read and it takes him a long time to complete written assignments without assistive technology and software. He can be impulsive, and will sometimes miss important portions of written directions which results in frequent errors on assignments. He frequently turns in assignments late or not at all. He needs assistance remembering to take his medication at school and at home. He has tried to pass a driver’s license exam so he can get a driver’s permit to learn how to drive. However, his impulsivity and reading ability have affected his performance and he has not been able to pass the written exam as required by the state motor vehicle department. Darren loves cars. He can describe makes and models of practically any vehicle and describe the type of engine and standard features. He also helps his dad and older brother work on vehicles in the family’s car restoration business. Darren can wash the cars, detail the interior, and clean the windows. He has recently started doing oil changes with some supervision. His parents are concerned about Darren’s impulsivity, his inability to remember directions, and his unrealistic views of his abilities. His mother is concerned about him needing prompts to brush his teeth, wear clean clothes, and comb his hair before leaving the house. He tends to blame others when he is not successful and makes excuses for not following through on responsibilities. His father expressed concern about Darren’s difficulty in putting tools away in the shop and cleaning up his work area after he changes the oil in a vehicle. Teachers express concern over late assignments, a reluctance to take responsibility for his own actions, and the need for constant prompts and reminders. Darren uses an electronic spelling dictionary and a word processor with word prediction software and spell check to complete assignments. Darren’s parents indicated on a parent survey that they do not know if Darren would be eligible to receive adult services, social security, and they do not know how to contact adult service agencies. During a student interview, Darren stated he wanted to become a professional football player. Darren wants to play football and hopes to win a scholarship to college. However, he has been unable to make the final cuts on the football team at the high school since he can be clumsy and does not run very fast. Darren was not aware that he will need to register for Selective Service at the age of 18 years or before the age of 25 years. He could explain the need for the word processor, spell check, and electronic spelling dictionary. Darren’s favorite subjects are ceramics and algebra. He dislikes English, history, and art. He struggled in biology, but did pass chemistry with modifications and push-in support from the special education teacher. However, he struggles with...
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