Claude Monet

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Claude Monet

Claude Monet was born on November 14, 1840 in Paris. In 1845, his family moved to Le Havre in Normandy. His father wanted him to go into the family grocery store business, but Monet wanted to become an artist. On April 1851, Monet’s career as an artist began when he attended the Le Havre secondary school of the arts. At first he became known locally for his charcoal caricatures, which he sold for ten to twenty francs, but in 1856 he met a fellow artist, Eugène Boudin, who became his mentor and taught him to use oil paints. Tradgey struck Monet’s life in 1857 when his mother died. At the time he was 16 years old, and he was forced to leave school and live with his aunt, Marie-Jeanne Lecadre in Paris. There, he decided to join the First Regiment of African Light Cavalry in Algeria in 1961. It was seven-year commitment, and his aunt Marie-Jeanne Lecadre intervened and was able to get him out of the army by enrolling him in an art course at a university. In 1862 Monet became a student of Charles Gleyre, where he met Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Frédéric Bazille, and Alfred Sisley. Together the artists shared new approaches and techniques to art, in what later came to be known as Impressionism. 1868, Monet married Camille Doncieux, who became pregnant and gave birth to their first child, Jean. 1870 arrived with the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian War. During the war, Monet and his family took refuge in England. While there, he studied the works of John Constable and Joseph Mallord William Turner, both of whose landscapes inspired Monet's curiosity in the study of color. In 1872, he painted Impression, one of his most famous paintings today. It was hung in an exhibition in 1874. From the painting's title, art critic Louis Leroy came up with the term "Impressionism", which today is a well-known style of painting. Monet and his wife had their second son, Michel, in 1876. In that same year, they moved to the village of Vétheuil. At the age of thirty-two,...
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