Classroom Observations

Topics: Reading, Dyslexia, Orthography Pages: 12 (4995 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Fieldwork Report D: Classroom Interactions
1. Focus on one student for half hour during Language Arts a. Ernesto is the students I observed for 30 minutes during my observations. Ernesto is a struggling reading who can get distracted easily and keeps distracting the class. • 9:45- He began working on his spelling during centers. Ernesto looked back at group the teacher was working with because it interested him what the teacher said to the other students. • 9:50- He continued working on his spelling, but he only wrote one word and then he became distracted by the students that were walking around the room • 9:55-I noticed he made several pauses between every word he wrote. He looked back again to group working with teacher, but this time the teacher told him that his work was in front not back there where she was. Ernesto turned back around to face the front, but instead of continuing to write his spelling he began looking in his desk then back at his words. • 10:00- He then once again got distracted by talking to his neighbor in the back. As he spoke with his peer, he swung his chair back and forth. After he talked to his neighbor he walked over to the class library in search of a book. As he walked back to his seat, he stopped and starred at the project the teacher was working on with another group. • 10:05-He began his work using the book he found in the classroom library. He was not too far along with his work when he asked the people in his group what the next activity was that they had to do. He only asked because he saw that the rest of his group was moving on and he was not done with his first activity. • 10:10-At this time, he went on to the next center which was listening center. He put on his headphones to begin to listen to the story, but after a minute or so, it became evident he was not listening to the story, rather he began to play with his partner. Then the teacher noticed and told him to stop playing; therefore he did begin to listen to the story, but he did not look down at the book to follow along the words. • 10:15- After listening to the story, he went on to his next activity. He began to write his spelling words. After, he colored pages he had to do and he also helped some students in his group. In the end the class had to stop their work at the centers and sit on the carpet for the next scheduled activity, but he did complete most of his work. b. “Ok I need to start doing my spelling words. Oh I need a paper (walking towards the bin that has paper) hmm…I wonder what they are doing…I hope I get to do that too. Here’s the paper. Brian are you done with spelling? I still need to do it. What’s the next activity we have to do? (Already asking about the other work he has to do without finishing his first activity). I want to do that project now (looking at group the teacher is working with). Ok what is the first word…deeper…I have to write it three times. (singing a song while he keeps writing). Hey Arron, are we going to play kickball again in recess? My team beat you last time. (Looks at the following spelling word and tries to sound it out) fa-s-t-er…faster.. (he hears the bell signaling he has to go to the next center). What do we do next Arron? Oh yeah listening center. Oh cool a story about the ocean. (He begins to listen to the story and starts playing with his neighbor). (Giggles and then hears the teacher tell him to stop and listen to the story). Ahh, I like the starfish in the story. I wonder what Caleb is drawing? Oh I want to go on the computers already. That game looks cool, I am going to play it once I get to the computers; oh but I need to take an AR test first. It’s almost recess. I’m going to kick the ball high enough so I can beat the other team again. c. I believe Ernesto does find some part of the lesson...
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