Classroom Observation

Topics: English language, Education, Scientific method Pages: 4 (1422 words) Published: January 4, 2011
6th of December 2010 – in the recent classroom observation on the ZC11, a block section for first year Information Technology students taking up Study and Thinking Skills class of Dr. Florece. Evelyn E. Florece, PhD is a faculty of the College of Arts and Sciences under the Literature and Language Studies Department. She was the former IELTS Director of Ateneo and has been teaching English and Language since the high school department paved it way to its new home at Pacol, Naga City. Dr. Florece’s afternoon class was composed of 33 Information Technology (IT) majors from the College of Computer studies, most of them were on their first year at Ateneo de Naga University. The observation starts at exactly 1:15 in the afternoon, covering the student’s behavior before class. ZC11 was dismissed earlier by their Theology class teacher. Since they were a blocked section, they waited for their next class in the same room. Student’s behavior were the typical like waiting for the teacher outside the classroom, some were chatting with their friends, some were doing their assignments and some were just doing nothing. Minutes passed and the same student behavior was observed. I overheard some students saying, “sana mayo si ma’am, yaon daw si ma’am?” but another student uttered, “iyo, yaon si ma’am nahiling ko subago” a typical conversation for a student who is waiting for his teacher. But to my analysis, is there something with a teacher that made students say and think as such. I waited for the teacher to arrive and continue observing the student’s behavior.

Dr. Florece arrived at exactly 1:25 in the afternoon, five minutes before the bell rings. She enters with confidence and greeted the class with a good afternoon. She placed the white board at the middle of the board and calls for the prayer leader assigned during that day. In every class that she handles, she always assigns a prayer leader who will in turn be the one in-charge of erasing the writings of the...
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