Classroom Observation

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Classroom Observation
Samuel Castaneda
MTE / 501
March 25, 2013
Charla Jones

Classroom Observation
Spent the morning of the 14th of March 2013 in the 5th grade class at Canyon Breeze Elementary School. Darrell Bledsoe is the teacher. Darrell and I served together in the US Air Force. We were both stationed at Luke, bot of worked in the unit commander’s staff; Darrell was the deployment officer and I was the budget officer. I contacted Darrell several weeks back, asking if he would assist me on my classroom observation tasks. After contacting and obtaining the approval from the principle of the Canyon Breeze Elementary, I proceeded to the school. The 5th grade classroom had about 40 students. This was one of three 5th grade classes at Canyon Breeze. Darrell informed me that the school was going into the spring break the following week and the students would only be attending half days for the week. The students made their way into the classroom, greeting each other of 5th graders would. All the students greeted Darrell in a respectful manner, some inquired of my presence in the classroom. Darrell informed everyone that I was there just to observed. I took my place in the rear of the class. As the class period was about to begin, Darrell asked the students to get to their seats to begin their school day. The students quick acknowledge their teacher’s request. As all the students stood by their seat they recited the Pledge of Allegiance, followed by the school’s pledge. After which, the monitor came on and the daily announcements were given. There was no problems with students, no disturbance of any kind. The classroom management was perfect. We later discussed the issue of classroom management. Darrell informed me that his established rapport with the students came from how he treated them. The students just followed the rules of the morning that were basically instilled in them by routine. The class settled in. There was a movie to be...
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