Classroom Observation

Topics: Kindergarten, The Child, Child Pages: 5 (1220 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Program Interview/Observation Project
By: A. Williams

Preschool: First United Methodist Church
Teacher: Mrs. Laird
Time: 10:25 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Date Observed: November 10, 2011

1. Who are the children who participate in this program?

They are all local children and the majority are those who attend the church.

Who are the staff members? What are the minimum qualifications required to work here for teacher and teacher aide/assistant positions?

-The current staff members include women and one male, who does Chapel. -The qualifications required to work is a college level degree or associates degree to be a teacher. An assistant or aide is a basic high school diploma or above.

What is the teaching philosophy of the program? When was the philosophy developed? Is it written down and given to all employees and parents?

-The overall teaching philosophy that is generalized is that if a child has the ability to learn, set the bar high. Create and environment for the child to be challenged. -The philosophy was developed over a year ago.

It is communicated through parent/teacher conferences and also through the Director.

4.Upon what learning theory or theories is the program built? Is this written down and given to all employees and parents?

The theory is taking the best care of the children as good as possible in every situation. Being able to incorporate Biblical principals along with learning is a main focus. It is communicated through parent/teacher conferences and also through the Director.

What is the program’s approach to parent relationships? Is this written down and given to all employees and parents?

-The Director has the main communication with the parents. If there is an issue that concerns the parent, instead of communicating with the teacher, parents address it to the Director and then the Director will speak with the teacher. Although, there are parent/teacher conferences twice a year where the teachers speak directly to the parents. At the beginning of the year the pre school gives out a test that is taken off of the Dial 3 for public school pre-k. Each child is given that test to see where they fall as they enter into pre-school.


The children were coming back from Chapel when I arrived. I was already in the classroom and immediately once they saw me they all began asking questions, hugging, and smiling. After a few seconds of adjusting and an introduction of myself Mrs. Laird had them focus and move into circle time. Circle time was about 15 minutes. Mrs. Laird explained their rewards system for the week which is earning tickets to put in their cups, and at the end of the week they can choose a prize out of the special boxes. If they choose to not behave, they must pull a ticket. Mrs. Laird went around the room with their “Good Morning’s”. Example: Mrs. Laird “Good morning Stella!” Stella: “good morning Mrs. Laird!” - Stella received a ticket. After a few exercises in circle time which included, ABC’s and intro to their new letter “K”; Pumpkins (theme of the month); and Math and counting we moved into Handwriting at their desks.

Each child has their own journal and special pencil they use. (They know their own pencils!) Mrs. Laird asked them to draw a “P” for...”PUMPKIN” they all shouted! As Mrs. Laird drew a “P” on the board the children wrote in their journals. Next they flipped over 1 page and then had to draw a picture of a pumpkin. Once the letter and picture was complete, they moved into writing numbers. This week they are on number 11. The children all went to their numbers page in their journal and began writing numbers 1-11. Handwriting lasted about 15 minutes.

Moving right along Mrs. Laird released the children into Centers. In the science center the children were to see if a pumpkin would float in water. There was a chart with “yes or no” and each child got to see if the pumpkin floated and put a smiley face under “yes”. The...
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