classroom management that conducive to learning

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Classroom Management is an integral part of teaching process so that the learning process will not delay and not hinder the learning of the students. It provides a classroom environment that is conducive to learning, such as appropriate time scheduling for different activities and an orderly placement of furnitures and instructional materials. A clean and well-lighted area, with a comfortable seating area make the classroom a promoting interaction and a much welcomed of togetherness. Recording of the student’s performance will be kept and reported to keep tract of progress. Discipline must be established also so that complete behavior control is well-established.

The ability to manage a classroom in an efficient and effective manner is valued mark of competent teacher. Care in overseeing the needs of the learners by the way of employing effective instructional methodologies and appropriate learning materials as well as dealing with the students which is varied to their interest and abilities promote a well manage atmosphere for learning.

A classroom is an area in a school which serves” as a second home” of teachers and students, both important to the process of learning by cooperatively pursuing common objectives. The objectives must be on achieving learning, developing proper behavior or in coping with individual and group interactions. They must be willing to accept the responsibilities and roles in making classroom conducive stage of intellectual, social and physical will develop. The aim of this paper is to help the teacher in managing the classroom to continue the student’s learning such as: to organize the physical environment, manage the student’s behavior, to facilitate instruction and to create a positive learning community.

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