Classroom Management Plan

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Nicolas Van Camp
EXC 620 08/05
August 9, 2005

Classroom Management Plan

General Description of Program and Classroom

Description of Classroom Population
Mr. Van Camp's class at The Country School is an academically oriented high school class primarily for High Functioning Autistic/Asperger students. This class is clearly in the mild to moderate category of special education. The 7 students in the class range in age from 14-17 and are in grades 9-11 this academic year. Four of the students are clearly Asperger with a fifth closer to the Autistic side of the spectrum. The other two students are Learning Disabled. One with low IQ and an anxiety disorder, the other with Attention Deficit Disorder.

Five of the students are Caucasian and here is one Asian and one Hispanic in this class. There are also five boys and two girls in the class. English is the primary language for all students.

Levels and Types of Instructional Support
The classroom staff consists of a Special Education Teacher who is working on an emergency Special Education Permit. The teacher also has a clear professional Single Subject Credential and a Master of Education degree in Crosscultural teaching. The class also has one fulltime aid that has three years experience in this special education environment.

Additional services include a Speech and Language Therapist, who provides both consultative and direct services to all students in individual as well as group or in class sessions. An Occupation Therapist visits the campus weekly. Services for referred students include observation/testing, diagnosis, and development of sensory protocols.

Classroom Schedule
Students are in attendance from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. five days a week. The daily schedule is as follows:

9:00-9:45Yoga - Sensory integration




11:00-11:30Science or History


12:00-12:45P. E.



1:30-2:00Daily Oral Language or Writing



Classroom Rules
The overarching classroom rules are school wide and are respect centered. Respect others space/property, respect others opinions/thoughts and respect others efforts/work. The student is expected to come prepared to class with appropriate class materials and a willingness to learn. The students are expected to behave respectfully to the teacher and to other students. Furthermore, the student is expected to accept the consequences of misbehavior. Logical consequences are results which consistently follow certain behavior. They are explained in advance and agreed to by the students. It is hoped that by understanding the consequences of disruptive behavior, that students will make better choices. Consequences should be related to the misbehavior so the students can see the connection.

Theoretical Background and Approach

Basic Theoretical Approach/Philosophy and Assumptions Underlying Classroom Management Strategy The core philosophy behind the classroom management strategy in Mr. Van Camp's classroom is that all children can learn. It is the teacher's job to create a warm nurturing environment based on the principal of mutual respect, where the students are appropriately challenged to stretch their academic limits while at the same time developing functional social self help skills. Behavior is a concern because it is closely related to effective learning from both the student's and teacher's perspective. When a classroom is free of disturbances, students can use classroom time for learning activities. Learning occurs in classrooms where the time allotted for instruction is used for teaching. When time is used interacting with students' whose behaviors are not focused on the lesson, less time is available to learn. One student's behavior can use other student's learning time by distracting them or by taking the teacher's and...
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