Classroom Management Plan

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Running Head: Classroom Management Plan

Classroom Management Plan

My personal philosophy for classroom management focuses on four main tenets that I plan to explain to the students. The following is how I would explain those four tenets to my class. Respect

• I automatically respect you all as individuals
• My respect level for you will decrease or increase based on your actions

• Communication is key to passing this course
• Sick, taking a trip, field trip, plan to miss school – you need to communicate that to me • When I am talking or lecturing, I ask that you don’t • Nonverbal – do not put your head down; this tells me you are bored

• You are 100% responsible for your work for this course • If there is a problem, you need to let me know
• You have deadlines for this course
• I meet you half way and make sure you have everything you need to pass this course • 100% responsible for your own actions
• When I talk, please listen and don’t interrupt
o Raise hand if you have a question

• Lessons will be organized ahead of time
• I need you to be organized
• Classroom will have an “in” and “out” box for work • Grades will be posted weekly
• Class Calendar on the wall
I hope to share my classroom management philosophy with my students on the first day or two of class. By doing this, they can understand how I plan to conduct the course. This will give them a better idea of my expectations and how they can best meet those expectations.



No food or drink allowed in classFirst Offense: Warning
Second Offense: Time spent after class with teacher
Third Offense: After school detention

No CD players, Walkmans, Discmans, 1st: Warning and told to put it away...
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