Classroom Management Paper

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Classroom Management Paper 1

Classroom Management Paper

Classroom Management Paper 2
My philosophy for the classroom will primarily be a student centered authority. I believe that students should learn as much as they can with hands on experience. To me children will have more fun discovering various facts and thoughts, nothing can compare to hands on experience. One of my children’s favorite teachers, Mrs. Adams, has her entire classroom decorated with various aquariums with all kinds of different reptiles, spiders and fish. These include a tarantula, a pacman frog, fire bellied toads, tree frogs, skink, albino corn snake, grass snake, geckos, and a variety of colorful fish. Most of the time she uses’s these and other animals in her teaching process. I believe this has kept the students more interested in learning. Not only did they get a hands on learning but it also kept them more interested and wanting to know more. My child would always come home excited about the lesson that was taught that day and always would want to talk about the day at school. I hope that one day I can be this kind of teacher, one that can influence children to love to learn.

I have a few ways in which to manage and discipline my classroom. The first way I will use the color chart. This will be on a daily basis and will start out with green. After three warnings they will have to move there clothes pin down to yellow, after that it will only take them two warnings to get to orange, and after two more warnings down to red. When they get to orange I will then write a note home that will have to be signed and brought back to class the next day. In doing this I hope to encourage the parents to be more involved with their child. I will also make it possible for the student to make their way back up the chart by having them either miss out on fifteen minuets of recess. Once they get on red then I would have no choice

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