Classroom Management and Learning

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Classroom Management and Learning

My observation report here:


Name of the school observed: BURAUEN NORTH CENTRAL SCHOOL
School address: Sta. Ana St. Burauen, Leyte
Date of visit: AUGUST 23, 2011

As I observed in the class, the characteristics of the learners were very active. They are well-concentrated with their lesson. The classroom organization and routine affect the learners’ behavior by following the rules and procedures of the classroom. The teacher have in mind when she designs the classroom organizations and routines should be the students become knowledgeable and skilled, organized a comfortable and pleasant physical environment for ease in mobility and flow of learning activities. The behavior strategies were effective in managing the behavior of the learners are following the routines, sensitive to positive and negative interactions in order to maintain discipline and order. -------------------------------------------------

The routines and procedures that I consider for this level to discipline them and to maintain the cleanliness of the classroom are daily attendance, prayers, keeping tables and chairs in order before leaving, cleaning blackboard to be ready for next topic and cleaning stains or drops after the lesson.

Classroom Management Matrix

Aspect of classroom Management| Description| Effect on the learners| 1. Specific areas in the classroom| A storage drawer that store the booklet for the students.| They will learn how to make their things organize.| 2. Classroom rules| Their classroom rules are encoded.| | 3. daily routines| Checking assignments.| To monitor if they have learn remembered the past lessons.| 4. Seating arrangement | Their seating arrangement are mixed(boys/girls)| They are comfortable studying on their chosen seating.| 5. Handling misbehavior/off task behavior.| The students are reprimanded | They will be able to realize their mistakes.| 6. Reinforcement of positive behavior| The students are given phrases.| The students will be motivated in the pursuit of their learning.|

Your analysis

1. How did the classroom organization and routines effect the learners behavior?

* The classroom organization and routines serves as their guide inside the classroom. The classroom organization will serve as a guide to organize the flow of the classroom system. Routines will also develop their personality like the spiritual aspect in prayer, physical aspect in exercise, 3 mental aspects in the form of recitation and others.

2. What should the teacher have in mind when she/he designs the classrooms organization and routines? What theories should you have in mind?

* The teacher must be knowledgeable I the different multiple intelligences so that the teacher knows the strength 3 weaknesses of the student. For example, some are able to kinesthetic so the teacher must have a classroom routine that develops the kinesthetic ability of the student or if the student is good in the written ability, make quizzes, 3 essay writing a routine inside the classroom. If the student is good in spatial ability, assigned them in classroom designs 3 organization and the same things like what are mentioned.

3. Which behavior strategies were effective in managing the behavior of the learners? In motivating students? Why were they effective?

* In managing the behavior of the students, the teacher should be knowledgeable in psychological aspects of guiding behavior....
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