Classroom in Laos

Topics: Family, New Year's Day, Culture Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: February 26, 2013
There are compare and contrast between Laotian and American value about family. The difference between American family to Laotian family is: Laotian people living as a big family. Mostly family consist of grandparent, parents and the children, we have to respect the elder, the elder or the head of family has the most power of the house. Laotian people always live next to the relative house, so we can be close to each other. The neighbor helps each other out; sometimes people cook and tell the neighbor to have meal with one another. Compare to American value, family is totally different from my culture because most American people live independently and have their own family. The family consists of parents and the children. The children live with their parents until adulthood, when they either enter the workforce full time or attend college. After that they’re expect to have their own life and their own family. On the other hand, in my culture, the children can live with their parents as long as they want to, or they if they have their own family, they’re expected to have family and live with parents and taking care of them. They men are expected to take of parents when they have their own family. The women are expected to live with their husband house. American culture, when people are in their adulthood, they’re mostly like to be expected to get a job and pay for their own needs and maybe to pay for their college. While Laotian culture, the children does have to work until they finished the school and the parents have to support them until they’ll able to earn money. The similarity between my culture and American culture in term of family value is that both of the cultures love their family. In America, thanksgiving is the day that the family members and some of the relative that have not seen each other for so long to be able to get together on the thanksgiving day. It’s the same as Laotian culture. We also have the family get together day such as...
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