Classification of Teachers

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Lisa Patton
English 98
10/18/11 Chapter 12 Classification Summary

Classification means to put persons, places, or things into groups or classes based on their characteristics. Classification deals with more than one unit, so the subject is plural. The four steps to classify efficiently are following this procedure. 1. Select a plural subject.

2. Decide on a principle for grouping the units of your subject. 3. Establish the groups, or classes.
4. Write about the classes.
When selecting a subject for instances neighbors putting the neighbors into groups such as affluent, comfortable, and struggling helps to identify the classes or groups. Each of these sets is a classification system and could be the focus of one paragraph in your essay. The principle controls the grouping of the neighbors. For this grouping the principle could be wealth. When grouping all the classes in any group must adhere to the controlling principle for that group. The classes should not overlap in each group. Classification can take two forms: simple and complex. The simple form of classification does not go beyond the main divisions in its grouping. The grouping could be listed like this example. Subject: Neighbors

Principle: Involvement
Classes: 1. Friendly
2. Meddlesome
3. Private
The complex form of classifications are based on one principle and then subgrouped by another related principle. The following example classifies neighbors by their neighborly involvement. 1. Friendly

A. Civic – minded
B. Want to be accepted
C. Gregarious

2. Meddlesome
A. Controlling
B. Emotionally needy
C. Suspicious of others
3. Private
A. Shy
B. Snobbish
C. Secretive
Most papers of classification will be simple ( based on one principle) in concept, informative in purpose, and organized class by class. The basic patterns of classification consists of classes,...
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