Classification of Shoppers

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Jordan Boyd
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19 September 2011
Classification of Shoppers
In America today, there are many people that shop. Humans need to shop, because today’s generation has changed to where one has to buy everything. To obtain the necessities, the only thing that makes sense is that humans shop. However, there are different kinds of shoppers. On the outside, one may see an average person going to the store for an item, but on the inside, each shopper has different intentions, whether they know they have them or not. The In and Out Shopper

The in and out shopper is popular with American dads, and men in general. These are the people that go into the store with the list that their wife (or someone they live with) wrote up. The in and out shoppers, ten times out of ten, go into the store with certain items in mind, buy exactly what they intended, and leave. This explains the name “in and out shopper.” These people go in and get out as soon as possible. They do not deviate from what they need because their main intention is to get out of the store in a timely manner. They are not usually seen dealing with coupons or found wandering around because they do not want to spend the time doing that. The Must Have Shopper

This shopper is probably the most common shopper in the commercial, American society. These are the shoppers that stores want, and who they set up their stores based on. All the candy, trinkets, sweets, magazines, gum and much more in the front of the store before you leave are set up precisely for these shoppers. The must have shoppers may go in for a specific purpose, but they always get caught up on deals and junk that they “must have.” They may go through the whole store getting only the necessities, but when they see a sale or something on a special rack, all of a sudden they must have that item. This is a terrible habit to make because it can be led to bad spending habits and bad money managment, but some people just cannot...
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