Classification of Dog Owners

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The varieties of dog-owners are as diverse as the different classifications of dog breeds themselves. From obsessed dog owners to the cruel, each group works under different views. Although you have thousands of people who will treat their pet as a true member of the family, there are thousands more who treat their pets like dirt. Lets show the variety of different types of dog owners.

The obsessed group of dog owner's doesn't seem to know how odd it is that they treat the dog better than other human family members. You have your pet lovers that love their pets so much that the dog is treated better than other members of the family. These dogs get specialized meals; sometimes the special meal consists of human food and at times can be hand-fed by a human. They will get the privilege of sitting "shotgun" in the vehicle and the human members of the family must sit elsewhere. There are people who let their dog have the other half of the marriage bed rather than the spouse. A lot of the time the dog doesn't have toys because their owners cuddle them so much that that is all they want. Don't believe me? I've seen it on the TV talk show Dr. Phil.

Show dog owners are the next class of dog owners but it isn't one that is really all by itself but kind of a sub-class of the obsessed dog owners. Generally, show animals aren't given human food but they are given specialized, very high quality food to make sure they have a healthy, shiny coat and clear eyes. Their toys are limited to indoor items to help prevent possible injury. Typically these dogs will go through training to help maintain a certain physique, keep their form in top shape and practice the stance they must give.

Athletic dog owners themselves tend to be athletes and a lot of them will put their athletic dogs into competitions. The athletic owner trains their dog as much if not more than they train themselves. You have the Frisbee catch, the obstacle course, sniff and water...
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