Classification Essay on Cars

Topics: Four-wheel drive, Chevrolet, Automobile Pages: 3 (924 words) Published: July 28, 2012
Different Types of Automobiles
The definition of an automobile or car is defined as a wheeled vehicle that carries its own motor and transports passengers. Cars have been around for over one hundred years. When we look back on the history of cars, we find that there is not one single inventor that invented cars in one single day. The history of cars reflects an evolution of ingenuity, innovation, and change. The first universal car in America was created in 1908 by Henry Ford. After the first car was introduced, we have seen a steady evolution of cars change in size, shape, and price. There are several different classes of cars that will discuss and they include but are not limited to the following: sports cars, sedans, and SUV’s. There have always been individuals around that want bigger, more powerful, and better as it relates to cars. They are not satisfied with the original look or the capabilities of the car. So, they choose to make additions to the original make of the car birth out of an obsession for the need for more speed and power. Hence, we end up with what we have today and what are known as sports cars and racing cars. Manufacturers now push the limits of these sports cars by continuously testing them and their abilities, pushing them to see how much more they can take. There are many manufactures and specialist of sports cars. Some of these include, Cunningham (USA), Chaparral Cars (USA), Westfield Sportscars (UK), Wiesmann (Germany), Pagani (Italy), and Superformance (USA). One type of sports car is the Ford Mustang. The 2012 version of this car is ranked as the number one sports car in the U.S. It receives rave reviews for its performance and fuel economy but it receives a lot of criticism for its cramped back seats and interior quality. Another type of sports car is the Chevrolet Camaro. The 2012 Chevrolet Camaro is looked at as having one of the best looks and receives a lot of good reviews for its “muscle-car” performance....
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