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This is a classification essay analyzing talk shows.

By Merville Mar 13, 2005 979 Words
The Talk Show Controversy

Talks Shows have a negative and positive image they represent in the eyes of the public. The popular and highly

rated talk shows have a vast range of topics, guest, and motive for their audience. The million of viewers who make

the choice to watch talk shows has a broad range of shows to choose from. They have the mature talk shows, that

meaningful topics, expert guest, an inspiring host, and their motive is to inform their viewers. They have the standardtalk show that has amusing topics, celebrity guest, an entertaining host, and their motive is to entertain their viewers.

Then, they have the contentious talk shows, that have controversial topics, dysfunctional guest, confrontational host,and their motive is to excite their viewers. In this essay I chose "The Oprah Winfrey Show" "The Ricki Lake Show",and "The Jerry Springer Show", to distinguish these boundaries of an talk show.

"The Oprah Winfrey Show" has set and maintained television's highest standards of quality for more than a decade,and she is continuing her success in the year 2003. "I am guided by the vision of what I believe this show can be",Explains Mrs. Winfrey (Winfrey). Oprah started her rise to fame on a local talk show in Baltimore, Maryland before moving to Chicago in 1984. After two months Oprah's show had a substantial rating lead on Phil Donahue, and her television talk show has been syndicated nationally since1986. Unchanging , "The Oprah Winfrey Show" is self-improving, has compassionate and educational topics that deal with real life issues. Her guest are professionals,that offers their philosophy or advice about the show's topics. Psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw has been an expert guest on the "Oprah Winfrey Show", and his own national syndicated talk show (McGraw). "The Oprah Winfrey Show"

seeks to inspire her viewers to open to change, so that they can live their lives to the fullest, "Our goal was to uplift, encourage, and entertain through the medium of television" (Winfrey).

"The Ricki Lake Show" entered its tenth season this year making it the third longest running single-topic talk showon the television. Ricki's humor, sincerity, and compassion has made her a daytime favorite with viewers of all ages, "Over the past decade I've had the unique opportunity to grow with my audience and consistently take important topics affecting my generation", said Mrs. Lake (Lake). In 1993 when the fresh faced twenty four-year-old Ricki Lake sprung onto the daytime scene , her infectious personality, enormous zest for life, and the ability to emphasize with the guest that graced her stage immediately propelling Ricki to be one of the most likeable television personalities among young viewers. "The Ricki Lake Show" consistently address typical issues of an younger generation, premiering the latest musical talent, and a variety of carefree topics. "The Ricki Lake Show" seeks to entertain her audience. She offerslighthearted topics, the latest musical talent, while appealing to a younger generation "I wan women to feel like theyhave a place to go for one hour each day where they know they'll get information about the thing that matter the most to them from relationships and sex, to women overcoming obstacles, to addressing what is in the news at the time and

how it relates to us," said Ricki (Lake 2)

"The Jerry Springer Show", is the second longest running talk show entering into its twelfth season this year.Jerry's boorish behavior, mocking laughter, hooting from the live audience, hair-pulling chair throwing guest has made "The Jerry Springer Show" a worldwide phenomenon, "I'm sorry, but I loved how the guest started pounding each other on 'The Jerry Springer Show.' It was even OK by me that the show was faked, I mean, choreographed,sometimes. Are you kidding? Otherwise, the distinguished guests would have killed each other", stated Jerry Springer(Kitman). Jerry Springer's consistently address controversial topic such as, "600-Pound Angry Mom," "My Teen Worships Satan," and "I Can't Stop Dating Convicts." Jerry Springer's dysfunctional and unruly guest promotethat promote violence and derogative behavior should be subject to arrest. Such as the couple in Sarasota, Florida that was arrested for the beating death of the man's ex-wife after the three had appeared on "The Jerry Springer Show."The show has four Chicago off duty policemen working security, mainly to contain the guest. Jerry Springer a clearly intelligent, liberal thinker, and confrontational talk show host seeks to entertain his viewers by confronting his ysfunctional guest. "The Jerry Springer Show" appeals to a young, urban males and females as seen in his audience heering "Jer-RY, Je-RY" (Kitman).

There are wide ranges of talk shows on television and while many are very popular, they appeal to different

audiences . The mature talk shows have a social meaningful topics, expert guest, a thought provoking host, and theirmotive is to inform the viewers. The standard talk shows have a carefree topics, celebrity guest, an entertaining host,and their motive is to entertain the viewers. Then we have the contentious talks show that has controversial topics,dysfunctional guest, a confrontational host, and their motive is to shock their viewers. Oprah Winfrey continues todominate the day time talk show circuit. "The Oprah Winfrey Show," has morals and values and she is dedicated toinspire her audience. "The Ricki Lake Show" is a entertaining program that you can tune in and just enjoy watching television. "The Jerry Springer Show" is a wickedly funny, fast paced, titillating and tasteless segment of the talksshows. Jerry Springer teaches his viewers immoral values and promote violence. Although there are a wide range of the ever so popular talk shows, they use different topics, different guest, different types of hostess, because they appeal different types of audiences.

Homer 4

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