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Topics: Weather, Sun, Climate Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: October 28, 2010
People are always looking forward to their vacation period. There are many options where to choose. I think that the most two common places people choose for taking a vacation are the beaches and the mountains. Both places offer a variety of fun activities. The beach offers activities that the mountain can not offer. The mountain and the beach are totally different. The purpose of this essay is to contrast the climate, types of activities and locations of the beaches and mountains.

I am going to discuss mountains first and I am going to discuss climate. Climate is always important in order to enjoy vacations. If a person dislikes cold weather, he or she might have a hard time in the mountains. The cold climate in the mountains is the first barrier to enjoying but the climate and temperature zones determine the types of activities they offer. Snow boarding, mountain climbing, mountain biking, hiking and skiing are some activities people can enjoy when going to the mountains.

Vacationing in the mountains might be more healty than vacationing at the beach. Hiking, mountain biking and some activities in the mountains can be useful for your health. If you have any health problem and If you want to take a vacation, the best choice is vacationing in the mountains. Vacationing in the mountains benefit for your lungs through high oxygen amounth.

I am going to discuss the beach second. Warm climate is one of the most important features at the beach. Sun and fun are two words that describe the beach. The temperature at the beach is always high. The sea and hot weather determine the activities that are available at the beach. People can swim, play soccer, play volleball and ride a water bikes. People can enjoy with dancing or going party.

Vacationing at the beach is more enjoyable than vacationing in the mountains because many beautiful and sexy girl generally choose vacationing at the...
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