Classification and Division

Topics: Basketball, Basketball position, Point guard Pages: 2 (669 words) Published: December 5, 2005
When you think of the word family what comes to mind? It's a rhetorical question. When playing any type of sport you discover that with joining a team comes this special brotherhood one that is gained a family atmosphere. When joining a basketball team there are five starting position and one key position off of the bench to have an imprint of success you need to have commodity and togetherness.

The Center position is described as a very physical and demanding position. This position requires great strength and physical endurance. This position can be described as the big brother of the family. For example, when the parents are ill and can't take full responsibility of the family he would step in and be at the fore front.

The next positions including the power forward and small forward positions these can be noted as the twins of the group. In fact, they are not identical but they can be mistaken as identical twins because there roles intertwine with each other so much. The power forward is a down and dirty player who experiences personality stages. For example, the one that freaks out when he gets his first pimple before taking his high school sweetheart out to the movies and he is the one the one that strays out to find his own identity. The small forward is willing to take one on the shoulder for his teammates. Also, willing to pick up the slack and handle some of the power forward duties when he is have trouble handling the job. Like the center position both of these positions are expected to handle some the down low post plays with the center. What makes these two positions different from each other is that in most cases the power forward is looked upon to handle most of the scoring duties and while the small forward is just a defensive specialist with a lot of energy.

The shooting guard is more of the shyest and least talkative out of the other brothers. He is the guy that let's his work speak for itself. For example, the brother that is into all of...
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