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The primary function of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services (NDCS) inmate classification is the systematic process of coordinating inmate assessment and assignment procedures with available resources so as to minimize community risk. An inmate at every custody level can be assigned to any facility that has a security level at or above the inmate’s custody classification. The Department will attempt to provide opportunities for the productivity, growth and development of the inmate in the least restrictive setting possible. The classification process will utilize all available information, but will endeavor insofar as practicable to base all decisions on a standard list of established risk factors with each identified factor being given the same relative consideration for each decision. Program access, work assignments and administrative decisions will be made without regard to inmates’ race, religion, national origin, sex, disability or political views. (Administrative Guidelines n.d) (p. 1).

There are four categories that the classification system breaks down into to place the inmates. Those four are Director’s Review Committee, Administrative Segregation Review Board, Warden/Institution Classification Committee, and Unit Level Classification Committee. The first examples Director’s Review Committee is the highest classification level in the department. The DRC has certain duties to perform such as custody classification decisions involving override discretionary. They do escape threats, first candidates for security threats, and monitoring etc. The second example ASRB board will receive, review and issue findings or recommendations on classification appeals received from inmates on administrative segregation status (p. 4). The third example WICC does custody classifications such as death penalty cases, misdemeanor or felony detainer for low severity offense. The fourth example UCC does all classification and...

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