Topics: Parenting, Slow parenting, Childhood Pages: 3 (864 words) Published: October 9, 2013

Parent Stereotypes
Some children would argue that parents are useless, and the world would be more fun without the constant advice, support, and discipline of parents. Children reflect the morals and values of their parents. Just as there are many types of children there are also various types of parents. However, there are stereotypical parenting methods including: the strict parents, the lenient parents, the helicopter parents, the friendship parents, and the ignorant parents. Seemingly the most common stereotypical parent is the strict parent. These parents are demanding and relentless, wanting their child to be the best he or she can be. For example, strict parents expect their child to achieve academically, to succeed athletically, and to behave responsibly. To assist their child in achieving these goals, strict parents allow little to no say in matters. Strict parents expect to be obeyed without question or arguing. They reply to any question regarding expectations is “because we said so”. If the child dares to disobey the parent, punishment will be swift and indefinite. Obviously some would argue the strict parent is an outrageous parenting method, but others would agree that this method is normal and healthy for the child and the parent. While some may see skydiving off Mount Everest as a dangerous activity for a teenager to be involved in, the lenient parent finds nothing but adventure in this activity. The lenient parent is lackadaisical in their parenting methods and their beliefs. They are often referred to as the “cool parent” in the high school hallways. The lenient parent often allows behavior that other parents would consider immoral and inappropriate for any teenager. In fact, these are the households teenagers love to congregate. These homes are often the scene of high school parties. The only question the lenient parents will ask is “Will it be okay if I come to the party”? Frankly, these parents are more...
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