Classical Principles or Argument

Topics: New Orleans, Louisiana, Hurricane Katrina Pages: 3 (1167 words) Published: April 26, 2012
The classical principles of arguments are described as an argument synthesis which is a claim that reasonable people could disagree with. According to our textbooks synthesis is defined as something that, “Brings two or more arguments together, allowing for comparison/contrast, rebuttal, or accumulation of mutually supporting points” (Lamm, p. 79).It adheres to an individual’s capability to be able to write syntheses relies on your ability to derive a relationship amid your sources like writing documents, such as, lectures, essays or even observations. The sole purpose of an argument synthesis and usage is for you to be able to give your own opinion and point of view which needs to be supported and be applicable. It’s often debatable due to it being chalked up as suggestions to which rational individuals would often differ from. When creating a persuasive or argumentative writing, your main goal is to get your audience to comprehend and concur with the poised that is taken on the strength of one’s argument and their examples. The three fundamental principles of a triumphant argument; which are the three appeals of arguments, are Ethos, which appeals to ethics, Pathos appeals to emotion, and Logos appeals to reason. Ones writing clarity is a highly significantly feature when it comes to being argumentative.

In the story “What the Waters Revealed by Jim Wallis, he encompass all three of the appeals of arguments. The author really used the classical principles of arguments in this particular essay. Everyone remembers Hurricane Katrina, was it really Katrina that caused all the damage in New Orleans or was it the fact that the levees could not sustain the level of the water that was rising and thus broke. This essay shed light to the ugliness that most Americans are not aware and if not, they are fully aware of it and only decides to turn the other cheek and pretend its non-existent chooses to ignore it. Hurricane Katrina did not only destroy homes, businesses...
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