Classical Music

Topics: Musical notation, Music, Musical improvisation Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Elizabeth Almonte
HUM 104-Music Appreciation
Professor: Barci
Classical music in my opinion is very calm and soft, a type of music that to others can be very boring and would just put them to sleep. I believe that every piece of music composed and played on the radio has a message and in classical music as well, it just a bit more difficult to understand and listen to that message when we don’t have anyone signing it. Classical music gives us the open liberty to incorporate whatever we want to think about while listening to a piece. Many people believe that classical music is old fashioned and without rhythm, but I think is a great type of music for many reasons because if we stop and look around us music is a huge part of our lives and it has to do with the way generation keeps changing. Classical music gives a person peace and tranquility, sort of like therapy. People like classical music that would be a stereotype. Music these days has evolved so much that some who are older may enjoy music that brings them a memory to their past and more in line to what the listened to in their younger years. They may have an attachment to certain classical music composers, for example Beethoven who was an excellent composer and composed the best classical music of the time. I think that classical music is already interesting to the people that grew up listening to it and enjoying it, but for the people that are being introduced to this kind of music at an older age it would be difficult for them to like and appreciate specially if these people are already accustomed to fast pasted music, music with lyrics and music that you can dance to at a fast paste. To be able to incorporate classical music to this generation, it would be a good idea to start by putting some lyrics into it that young people can relate to. I also believe that classical music can be more interesting if it was to be mixed with other genres. I also think that to make classical music better it should...
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