Classical Liberalism

Topics: Liberalism, College, Higher education Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: June 23, 2013
Classical Liberalism

In the United States, school budget cut makes a deep effect. State government is now funding a scheme to support community college. In eighty percent of individuals who believe in Classical Liberalism, some support the state funding of community college, while some disagree with this. The first reason that liberals agree and support with the state funding of community colleges is the liberal conception of freedom. As the book “Political Ideologies and the Democratic Ideal” states, “Liberals want to promote the freedom not of a particular group or class of people but of each person as an individual(Ball 2).” Liberals think that the state funding provides an equal chance for everyone to freely get access to public college education. Since the budget cuts cancel lots of classes, students cannot finish their education goal on time. If community colleges receive more money from the state government, colleges will be able to spend their money on improving the school facilities, the morale of the instructors or professors, and providing the more financial support to the students. Therefore, those improvements provide individuals an equal chance to pursuing higher education. Also, liberals realized that poverty and ignorance are two major obstacles to individual liberty, and the state funding will be able to remove these two obstacles. Some Individuals, who lack money to buy books or pay their tuition fee, will have money to study at school, and no one will ignore them if they want to study freely. The second reason that liberals agree and support with the state funding of community colleges is the liberal conception of self-interest. The book also says that “On the liberal view, then, human beings are typically rational, self-interested, and competitive (Ball 2).” Individuals have their own interest to get or do what they want. The state funding of community colleges gives an opportunity to individuals who want to gain more knowledge. The more...
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