Classical Humanism in Art

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5) Classical Humanism in Art
Juxtapose two or more works from this period which you feel are illustrative of the renewed interest and enthusiasm for/reinvention of classical humanism. Describe the works in detail, discuss their internal symbols and larger social, cultural and political significances re attitudes to classical humanism C15 Italy

Humanism intro
Renaissance patrons understood the power of imagery and used it to extent their fame Courts throughout Italy were thriving centers of artistic activity and vied with each other for prominent humanist scientists, writers, architects,painters and sculptors Humanist subjects were taught in schools.

The most enlightened renaissance popes encouraged the humanist assimilation of ancient greek and roman philosophies into their own Christian faith Inspired by the ideas in ancient greek and roman texts, which confirmed their new intellectual and scientific interests in understanding the world The praise of the deeds of great figures from antiquity that the humanists found in roman and greek texts supported the notions of pride and fame that were becoming important in a society whose major figures were successful business entrepreneurs and bankers Sought to supplement faith by insisting on the dignity of the individual and human potential for achievement Gave art and artist a new dignity and opened the way for a new level of literary discussions on art Natural observation –an important feature

Expanding middle class, new types of art were commissioned by individuals to adorn their private town houses of country villas The dignity of the individual and new selfconsciousness promoted by e Italian humanists had an important influence on attitudes about artists Renaissance artists were viewed as trained intellectuals versed in the classics and geometry Artists became famous

Began to create self portaits, a sure indication of theit new status Artists and workshops received a variety of secular and religious...
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