Classical Conditioning and Circle Rating

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Guidelines for Completing the Counseling and Conceptualization Competency (CCC) Bloomsburg University
Master of Education in Counseling Program
The purpose of this interview is to arrive at an understanding of the individual’s presenting problem or concern through an assessment of current life situation, developmental processes, family background, behavioral characteristics, assets, and vulnerabilities, as well as manifest behavior and responsiveness in the initial interview situation. If you are a student who is retaking the CCC it is strongly recommended that you meet with your faculty supervisor to clarify the expectations and criteria for this competency evaluation. It is your responsibility to contact your faculty supervisor about this process.


Preparing for the Counseling and Conceptualization Competency (CCC)

Obtain permission from a child, adolescent or adult who is capable of a relatively coherent verbal interview. Remember if you are going to interview a child or adolescent under the age of 18, you must obtain a parent’s written consent and verbal assent from the child or adolescent you are taping. If you have difficulty finding a suitable client, discuss this problem with your faculty supervisor.

Secure a place for the interview, and make sure your recording equipment records the interview audibly. Test your equipment before your client arrives. The audio or video tape of the interview should be clearly audible. A typed, complete transcript of the session must accompany the tape. Each interchange should be clearly labeled (e.g., S1 (student), I1 (Interviewer), C2, I2). You do not need to edit the transcript or the tape. You are responsible for the accuracy of the transcript. The transcript should be proof-read against the tape before submitting it to the evaluator.

Give yourself and your client time to become comfortable with the taping. It is suggested that you get into a routine of taping your clients at the beginning of semester and consistently tape through your practicum training. You will be required to periodically present your taped sessions during individual and group supervision and you will need a taped session for your CCC.

While you may be currently receiving supervision on the case you present for the CCC, you must not be supervised on the particular hour you submit for the evaluation by your individual or group supervisor. The presentation should offer a view of your independent capacity to discuss and analyze a counseling session/interview.


Conducting the Interview

You are expected to explore the presenting problem or concern and its precipitating factors in some depth. How you choose to do so should be based on your professional judgment. The type of information you inquire about should be related, again, to your on-going assessment of areas which appear most significant to understand. You are not

expected to rigidly develop information based on the format, but to selectively pursue those areas you deem most relevant to your view of the presenting problem or concern of the client. B.
The interview/counseling session is to last between 30 to 50 minutes. Longer interviews (for verbose adolescents and adults) and shorter interviews (for children) will be allowed, if cleared with your faculty supervisor prior to submission of the CCC. 3.

Conceptualization Report Format

Please disguise the individual and/or institutional setting presented in the transcript and report. This means all proper names should be omitted. This request is to protect the confidentiality of the client.

Please be sure to clarify what are your observations and what is the client’s commentary. We want to know how well you represent the interviewee’s view of their problems or concerns, and distinguish that clearly from your own observation of the interviewee. Try not to confuse the two perspectives.

The report should be selective and succinct. The length of the report is 7 to 9...
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