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Classic vs Modern Music

By ezekielst2 Dec 05, 2008 306 Words
Second Semester, AY 2008-2009 Assignment No. 1 Assignment Title: Reaction Paper: “Not One Less” Name: Ezekiel S. Trogillo College: CEAT Student No: 2008-26455 Section: Y SUMMARY: The movie showed the life of Wei Mhiuzhi, a 13-year-old substitute teacher for teacher Gao, a regular one in Shuixin Primary School. The School was a poor and old that only chalks are its treasures. Teacher Gao told Wei that if she can keep the number of enrolled students up to the end of the month, she will be paid with additional ten yuan. These are the words that challenged teacher Wei to get back Zhang Huike, one of her students who stop schooling and went to the city to find some job to help his family to school. Teacher Wei used Mathematics, determination and love together with her students to solve the problem and find Zhang Huike beyond insufficient financial capacity and knowledge in such things. REACTION:

Kasiguraduhan Sa Paruruonan
Kung edad ang titingnan, di mo aakalain, Na sa murang gulang, pagtuturo'y tatahakin Kahit sa layunin, di mo mauunawaan, Dahil sa kanya'y humamo'y kapalit na kayamanan. Ngunit panaho'y dumating at kanyang napagtantuan, Na sa pagiging guro'y siya'y nagkukulang, Pagkilos para sa kabayaran, ngayo'y nabago, Pagsagip sa buhay at kinabukasan ng bawat munting tao. Kahirapan at kamangmangan ay hindi nga dahilan, Upang sumuko sa layunin at paruruonan Hanggat may determinasyon, pagibig at pagpupursigi, Sa kadiliman, sarili'y laging may kahalili. Kaya naman sa kahabaan ng madilim na lagusan, Ay laging may liwanag na matatagpuan, Malayo at napakahirap man itong suungin, Sa sariling paa rin ang desisyon kung saan ka dadalhin. Ganyan ang buhay parang Matematika, Minsan nasa hulihan, o nasa simula ang kamalian, Mahabang proseso man ang dapat pagdaanan, Ang mahalaga'y may siguradong paruruonan.

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