Classic Car Club of America

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Managing Policy, Change, and Technology

Case Study:
The Classic Car Club of America – 2002

Company Background
The Classic Car Club of America (CCCA) was formed in 1952. Its focus was on luxury cars of the late 1920's and 1930's (and into the early 1940's). The list of recognized "Classic Cars" is not all-encompassing of the era, but rather it segregates models based on rarity, quality and price. For example: 1940 saw many cars from many manufacturers, yet only a handful of them are considered Classic Cars by the CCCA. In trying to establish the true meaning of the term ‘classic car', CCCA wanted to distance itself from the laymen's term of "classic car" by which, in general terms, anything older than 25 years is considered a "classic". CCCA coined the terms Full Classic and Modified Classic. CCCA holds a permanent office in Des Plaines, IL and a public website ( Annual meetings are held among members on a national level as well as regional. National and regional publications are sent to members and other subscribers. Periodic shows are privately held to show off Classic Cars and judge their conditions. When judged favorably, these vehicles can greatly appreciate in value, often causing them to be driven less and less – something not seen as favorable by all members, as driving these Classic Cars is certainly part of the enjoyment in owning them.

Facts and Analysis
The population of CCCA members is aging annually. Seventy-eight percent of the members are over the age of fifty-five. Members own an average of 3 Classic Cars and 2 other collector cars. Ninety-six percent of members live in the U.S., two percent live in Canada and two percent live elsewhere in the world, mainly in Western Europe. Ninety-seven percent of members rate the CCCA magazine as good or excellent. About half the members want to keep the list of accepted Classic Cars as-is, while half want to expand it. As to which new cars to add to the list...
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