Classic Airlines and Marketing

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Classic Airlines and Marketing

Heather Eason

Marketing 571

April 1, 2013
Armando Salas-Amaro

Classic Airlines and Marketing

Classic Airlines is the world’s fifth largest airline. The company has a fleet of more than three hundred seventy five jets that serve two hundred forty cities with over two thousand three hundred flights daily (University of Phoenix Marketing 571). The airline is currently profitable, but economic struggles and public fear is slowly strangling the company. Marketing is critical to the company’s ability to move forward. Internal Marketing Challenges

Due to a ten percent decrease in share prices over the last years coupled with negative media, employee morale is low. Keeping employee moral low is the rumor that if the company is not able to reduce costs by fifteen percent while improving the frequent flier program, the company will have to file for bankruptcy. The marketing campaign has to show a measurable return on investment.

The chief executive officer, Amanda Miller, is also a challenge. Her pragmatic approach to running the company results in her having little tolerance for a marketing plan that does not produce. As a result, any plan will need to justifiable.

To be successful, the plan must include the employees. With a well-planned marketing strategy there is an opportunity to connect with the customer and build a strong brand. The frontline employees represent the company to the customer. They are critical to customer service and the marketing plan’s success. They have the ability to reconnect the customers. Building strong customer relationships and making the most of each interaction with the customer should be a main goal of every employee. External Marketing Challenges

The airline industry as a whole has seen a decrease in stock prices. Bankruptcies, terrorism, and high oil prices have rocked the airline industry (Bisignani, 2006). There is an uncertainty about the safety of flying...

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