Class size matters

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Class Size Matters
In many public schools within the United States of America, many students aren’t receiving enough attention in class because the classes are over-crowded. There are many researches that prove the smaller the classroom the more students are able to learn. Class size is very important. If there are crowded classrooms the teacher will not have much time to make sure each student is up to date. There are many benefits to having small classes. Students will have more individual time with the teacher.

Today, many classes are overcrowded. Students are in classrooms with thirty or more other students. Sometimes students don’t even have a table because of the lack of the space within classrooms. There are also some students who don’t pay attention and distract the class, these students interrupt the class and delay learning. This other delays the learning of others within the classroom. If the classroom was smaller the teacher would be able to control the students and the teacher would have more time to talk to them individually.

There is a STAR project in Tennessee which provides each classroom with 13-17 students. This number of student is a good amount because not only are there less distractions within the class, but also if one student has a question the teacher can go into detail with that student. The teacher might even have time to hold a study session for those who need it. The STAR project was evaluated and concluded with the students having a higher income when they reached into adulthood. Also, there were more students attending college when they were involved within the STAR project.

Many students with overcrowded classrooms have to attend after school tutoring or even give up their lunch period to have tutoring. These tutoring sessions are usually small which can help support the idea that smaller classrooms are an advantage for students. The small tutoring sessions provides those who are having trouble in a...
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