Class President Essay

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Abraham Lincoln once said, “I walk slowly, but I never walk backwards.” What I get from this is that he never goes back on his word. That it may be a while for him to make a decision, but he will always be closer and never be further away. I would never go back on my word. I do not lie to anyone and I will not start now. Vote for me because I am a trust worthy person.

To begin, you should vote for me for class president. There are many reasons why you should vote for me. I have great social skills and I am friends with everyone. I have no problems with anyone. If you were to vote me for class president I would make sure that no one is being bullied or being hurt because of another student. I do not want my fellow class mates to feel intimidated to come to class. My class will be a peaceful and loving environment if you vote for me.

Another good reason you should vote for me, besides my social skills, is my hard work and good grades. If you were to vote me for class president I would make sure that each and every student would get the help they needed in order to make good grades. Everyone deserves a chance. I could talk to the principle and see if we could start an after school program so kids could get help on doing their homework. Some children cannot do their work at home, because of their living environment and I would be more than happy to try my hardest to help them get better grades. Everyone will get a fair chance to get the grades they deserve. Think about our class GPA. It would improve rapidly.

If I were class president I could try and talk to the teacher and the principle about having fundraisers and making money so that we could have more fun and educational field trips. Something else I could talk to them about is having a fan bus so that kids that cannot afford to go to away games could go and support their school. Fundraisers could help in many ways. For example, we could raise money to make our bathrooms more sanitary. Another idea for...
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