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Class President

By gfhjgfjhftfd Sep 09, 2013 337 Words
Hello Class,
Hello, my name is (Insert Name), and I’m running for class president. You may know me as a jokester, but class president is no laughing matter. I’m here to talk about my qualification on how I can be a great class president for this year of (Insert Year). You can’t become class president and not know a single thing that qualifies to become one. You have to have the traits of a great class president. The number one most important trait I think I have is organization. This world would be so messed up without. If I were class president, I wouldn’t lose my stuff and not even have the materials to do it. An unorganized class president shouldn’t even be one. Being organized is the most important thing of being a class president, which is the most important trait I think I have. A class president also needs to be on time. That is the most scheduled thing I have when I go to school. This is very good to the thing to keep in mind for a class president. A class president has to be on time to their classroom. This way, the learning process can be efficient and the best it can be. The best class presidents can come with just a few hours of learning each and single day. A class president needs to be themselves. I’m very creative and that’s what makes me unique. I class president needs to buff their ideas and make them creative. So this trait of mine is really important, since I think that my ideas are very meaningful and very original. This is my most unique thing about me. So this is my speech from me to you. I will be an organized, on time, and unique class president. I will do everything possible in my way to help this class. Hopefully everything I said sounded appealing to each and one of you. Thank you for your time peers and have a great day.

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