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Class Observation

By SmEgan1 May 05, 2013 852 Words
I observed a 1st grade at the Jennie Reed Elementary School. The teacher’s name that I came to know very well as most of the children I am surrounded with at home had her was Mrs. Yee. The classroom environment was the appropriate for this grade because they had a lot of pictures and illustrations that they will use during the school year for example the multiplications; which to my surprise the majority of the class knew, the seasons, the alphabet, the colors, and the different books that the teacher will read for them in the future. It was quite nice and reminded myself of when I went to that school when I was younger. It brought back more memories than I thought, but not everything was the same things had changed.

Also another thing that I thought that was really good for the students each of them had their own desk with their own names that they decorated with colored pencils and markers and stickers and on top of it they have a little alphabet and the some color names, this will make a little bit easier for the students when they were writing or identifying a letter. Another good thing that I observed was that the teacher had a list of the different activities that they will have during the day, I thought that this will be a good way to let the students know that they will be doing that day.

A very good idea that probably all the elementary schools or only the first grades do is that the teacher has a special chair where they sit to read to the students , while the students are sitting on the floor listening to the lecture or the story that the teacher had chosen that day. I also noticed that there was a little section in the corner of the room with headphones and a little tape player. I was told that the little calendar on the wall was to keep track of who had already used the ‘reading machine’ and whose turn it was that day. They did this to make it fair so all the students had a turn with the tape player. I thought that was a very clever way to go about it.

Another good thing that they had was that each student had their own box label with their name where they had their colors, scissors, pencils or any work that the teacher will have to check for that day. Sometimes they would take it home or leave it at the school in a cubby hole. But in order to take it home they had to sign an agreement to bring it back the next day or they lose their turn with the reading machine. I thought that was a very nice way of teaching the children responsibilities and consequences of their actions.

Some of the subjects that the teacher taught during my observation were the alphabet, the sounds of the letters, the difference between the vowels and consonants and the seasons. The day that I came to the class the teacher was doing a review for all those students who had a hard a time during kinder garden and answering all the questions that the students had or misunderstandings. She was very patient and thoughtful with each student who asked for help and explained to the best of her ability to make the child she was helping understand what she was trying to teach. I thought she did an amazing job at it and complimented her on it at the end of the day before I left.

One unusual circumstance that I observed was that one student, after their break got lost, everybody got in a line to go back to the classroom and he probably wasn’t listening or he was somewhere else (bathroom, cafeteria, etc) , he was still in the playground and another teacher had to take him to his corresponding classroom. Mrs. Yee grabbed him lightly by the arm and took him out into the hallway and explained to why it was not okay to wander off and that if he did it again he would have his time with the reading machine taken away. He apologized and was sent back into the class room.

At the end of the day Mrs. Yee make all the students get into one straight-line and led them out to the front of the school. She then separated the students who got onto a bus and the students who got picked up by their parents into two different groups. Another teacher came and escorted the children who took a bus to the bus zone and Mrs. Yee waited until each student who got picked up by a parent was picked up. One parent was so late that she had to stay an extra forty-five minutes until the parent came. The mother apologized and left. I told Mrs. Yee that it was a blast being in her class and shook her hand after telling her how amazing she was and went on my way.

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