Class in America

Topics: High school, Social class, Working class Pages: 3 (963 words) Published: May 7, 2013
The United States has gone a long way toward an appearance of classlessness. It has become harder to read people's status in the clothes they wear, the cars they drive, and the votes they cast. As Mantsios wrote in class of America “people in the united stated don’t like to talk about class. We shrink from using words that classify along economic lines or that point to class distinctions: phrases like working class upper class and ruling class are rarely uttered by Americans (2010)”. Most of the people I know, like to think no matter how little they make that they are middle class. The effect of classification in our daily lives may not be apparent at first glance. As we go from birth to school then to work most of us have a path already mapped out for us. It is not something I was aware of growing up. I just knew that my dad worked in a factory and, so would my brothers and, I. I was born a poor kid in south bend from the wrong side of the tracks. I was expected to work by the time I was fifteen. By the time I was seventeen I was a high school dropout working a full time job and apartment of my own. It was just the way the world worked in my small part of America.

Growing up I was unaware of the fact that where you are born, and how much your family has in this country determines for most part what level of education you will achieve, what kind of health care you will have though out your life. It could even determine when you will die. Even after all the effort that has been made though out the decades we are still divide in to the have and the have not’s have. “Growing up in poor neighborhoods significantly reduces the chances that a child will graduate from high school (Burns 2011)”. There are many reasons why a child from low income background many not have the success, that the same child would have from a well off family. Those that come from a poorer background may not have the role model of the parent that successfully attended and graduated from...
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