Class Hcs 440 Week 4 Dq 1

Topics: Health insurance, Health care, Medicine Pages: 1 (350 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Notwithstanding sweeping changes in the area of preexisting conditions under the new Health Care Reform Act of 2010, should individuals with preexisting conditions be able to purchase health insurance at the same cost as those without such conditions? Why or why not? I believe everyone including people with preexisting conditions should pay the same amount for insurance. Insurance coverage are there for the patients’ needs and people who need to be seen by a doctor more often are those with a pre-existing condition. Nobody has the choice to be sick so then, why deny coverage or charge higher to those who are? It is sad that the insurance companies only want to insure healthy people. Individuals with preexisting conditions are more likely to need high-cost health care services, and therefore more likely to purchase health insurance. It’s about time that everyone is granted health insurance at a price that people can afford. Insurance companies shouldn’t be allowed to put restrictions on who can receive affordable health care. If people have preexisting health conditions and can’t get insurance, they are much less likely to see a doctor, and ultimately, the money saved by not going to a doctor will cost them much more when their condition worsens. It is unfair that insurance companies reject people who really need access to health care. They only want to insure young healthy people who don’t need much health care, and the people with the most pressing need for health care will be left on their own without access to affordable insurance. Let’s put it this way, if we were to be the ones with a preexisting condition, how would we fill if we had no choice of an insurance coverage? Or what about our children, how would it be like to see them suffer with no choice of a medical check-up? This Country has to be of equal opportunity for EVERYONE. Insurance companies should not be the ones who have the choice of who would be covered or not, they were made for...
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