class discrimination

Topics: Affirmative action, African American, Barack Obama Pages: 6 (2174 words) Published: November 25, 2013
Isaac Cobbinah
Class Discrimination

Racial discrimination is a type of issue most people want to avoid. African Americans and many minorities faced racial discrimination in the past because of the color of their skin or their origin. Now, racial discrimination has sort of evolved in way that it has become class discrimination, the lower class including African Americans and other minorities still face discrimination due to their social status, family income or the language they speak at home. Some of them still receive help in issues like education, employment and healthcare. All of this has caused the minorities to be lower in the social class. Racial discrimination has had a set back on the probable accomplishments of African Americans and minorities during the past, and this has made it hard for minorities to move up the social class. Minorities not able to close the achievement gap between themselves and the whites feel that the help they receive now is inferior or unequal to the whites. Many people believe that the lack in help and opportunity that the lower class and the minorities get contributes to the problem they have because they are unable to improve their education or get better employment to support themselves and their families.

Furthermore, the lower class consists of mostly minorities, and discrimination is still affecting them. Education is one of the most important things in this country that everybody needs to have in order to success. Many people also believe that there is an achievement gap between minorities and white because of the inferior education that minority students receive. There isn’t enough done on this issue to help the minority students success. After Brown versus Board of Education, schools began to be integrated but though it was a positive step towards change it wasn’t yet perfect. “Segregated schools were and are, inferior schools; we still haven’t fixed them, fifty years after Brown v. Board of Education, and the inferior education they provided, then and now, helps explain the pervasive achievement gap between today’s black and white students” (Obama page 308). There is an education gap between minorities and whites because of the difference in quality in schools. Some families are unable to afford the best education or help start their children on the same level in school as whites. Lower class minority students are often forgotten because there isn’t any change made in helping their education. This problem is a because many lower class minority families can’t afford better education for their children, they end up sending their children to a poor inferior school with teachers who don’t really care about their students. “Once again, the issue is whether the student’s performance really requires retention in grade and whether the teacher’s judgment of this issue is at all affected by the student’s race. And once again, possible teacher prejudice may arise more frequently in racially integrated classes, where teachers are judging White and Black students side by side” (Farkas page1132). Further, those students would then receive poor education then unfortunately some of them would drop out of school because they feel that they aren’t getting any out of school and end up causing trouble in the streets. Minority students lead the drop out ratings in the country and many people wonder why this is happening. Lower class minority families don’t have the opportunity to move up from the lower class because they aren’t getting any proper help in their education. Additionally, the education gap between minorities and whites has gotten worse and widen. Students from lower class minority families seem to be at a disadvantage the moment they enter school. “Black 6-year-olds’ vocabulary scores match those of White 5-year-olds, so African American students begin school...
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