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To study the growth in plants when mycorrihza is added and when it is not added and to observe and study the importance it has in our nature and life . Abstract:
The arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis is a symbiotic association between plant roots and fungi. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) colonize roots and improve plant nutrition. This, in general results in a higher yield of the AM crop, especially in poor soils. Due to the fact that this is a symbiotic relationship, both the fungus and the plant benefit from this interaction. Since the plants are aboveground, it is often easier to see the benefits of this association for the plant, but the fungus also takes advantage of this partnership. The mycorrhizae aid the plant with growth, yield, improved fitness, increase the root absorption area of nutrients, while the fungus receives carbon from the associated plant (7). This is an important interaction due to the benefits that the plants receive. Improved plant growth and yield can aid in the production of crops and therefore produce more plants per area. Although mycorrhizae produce the same overall effects, there are two main types of this fungus. Endomycorrhizae and ectomycorrhizae are the two main types of mycorrhizae that produce the same overall results, but with different fungal characteristics (1). Below, more will be explained about the interaction between the fungus and plant, the niches that they are able to occupy, descriptions of the types of mycorrhizae, and the microbial processes that occur.

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In a changing climate, horticulturalists and landscape professionals are looking for ways to ensure the establishment and healthy growth of plants, whilst minimizing the use of both water and chemical fertilizers. The demands on potable water have never been greater than they are today and with rising populations demands are likely to increase further. Many soils have become nutrient deficient due to years of intensive farming, overuse of chemical fertilizers and from the effects of industrialization. Pressure on land is increasing rapidly and populations are developing in areas where natural soils have since been removed by human intervention or through desertification. In the search for environmentally acceptable alternatives to chemical fertilizers, various materials have been used as soil improvers including peat, manure, compost and seaweed. Such materials have often been used successfully to enhance the nutrient content and water holding capability of soils but they are generally bulky materials that often come from finite sources and require expensive collection, treatment and transportation. Mycorrhizae are now being seriously considered as a means of improving nutrient deficient soils. It is considered that mycorrhizae can play an essential role in plant growth by enhancing plant vigour in poorly performing soils, and through their ability to store large amounts of carbon, they may ameliorate some of the effects of global warming.

Get to know mycorrizha:
In a nutshell, it is a mutually beneficial partnership between plants and some soil fungi. This partnership was invented by nature itself, to help plants grow better and be more resistant to environmental stress. Mycorrhiza is a symbiotic (beneficial for both partners) relationship between soil fungi and plant roots. Many millions years before when starting to occupy terrestrial  conditions, the majority of plant species in the Nature have developed a mycorrhizal way of obtaining nutrients from soil. Fungi grow into roots and develop an extensive network of  mycelium (tiny hyphal filaments) radiating from the roots to  surrounding soil. This tremendously increases the soil volume available for plant nutrient acquisition, i.e. root system’s active surface area, therefore improving nutrient and water uptake, what leads to improved health status and vitality of...
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